About Us

The Indian Teacher Education Program has been a major contributor to the field of Education in Canada for over 40 years.  We operate under the mandate of Indian Control of Indian Education, fostering the spirit of creating culturally relevant teachers who promote excellence in education.  Building on the strength of Indigenous knowledge, ITEP is made stronger through the pride in our culture, language and traditions.  On behalf of the 2000 ITEP Alumni We welcome you to Think Indigenous Education Conference 2017.

Our Conference Committee

Chris Scribe – Director, ITEP
Yvette Arcand - Associate Director. ITEP
Irene Oakes – Field Experence Coordinator / Student Advocate ITEP
Pat Olesiuk - Office Reception, ITEP
Arlene Bear - Academic Advisor, ITEP
Mika Lafond – Mentor / Instructor ITEP
Edie Venne – Mentor / Instructor ITEP
Alyssa Wiebe - College Relations Officer, College of Education
Brenda Mergel - Web Coordinator, College of Education
Audrey Swan - Academic Advisor and Student Records, College of Education